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What size should you buy?  - It is best to measure your dog to avoid disappointment.  Use a soft tape and measure their neck at the level their collar would usually sit - measure tight to their fur.  Add 2cm to this measurement then check which size bracket it lies in.  If the number is right at the end of the size bracket I would recommend getting the next size up for a more secure fit.  For example Neck size 38cm + 2cm breathing space = 40cm (15.5") - I would recommend going for a Large or Large Wide rather than a Medium.  If you are unsure, please get in touch.  I also do exchanges, so don't panic!  A detailed size chart can be found in the photos.

Buckle to First and Last Hole Setting
XXS - 18-24cm (7-9.5")
XS - 22-28cm (8.5-11")
S - 26-34cm (10-13")
M - 32-40cm (12.5-15.5")
L - 38-46cm (15-18")
LWide - 38-46cm (15-18")
XL - 44-54cm (17-21")
XXl - 52-64cm (20.5-25")

Bramble and Friends bring you an alternative to our luxury leather collars - super simple, zero maintenance collars that are extra strong, flexible, comfortable, waterproof and stink proof. These collars feature either solid brass or stainless steel buckles and hardware. These lovely collars can be used as they are or you can opt to add a removable Harris Tweed or sleeve! These can be washed and interchanged easily. No longer will you need to replace your Harris Tweed collars when they get scruffy, simply purchase a new sleeve and your collar will have a new lease of life. To add a Harris Tweed sleeve to your collar - please find the colour and size you would like from our other listings and select 'sleeve only'.

Please refer to our size chart in the photos to find the best option for your dog. We have no 'in-between' sizes to make sure every dog can find a secure fitting collar. We recommend measuring your dogs neck with a soft tape at the level their collar would sit, tight to their fur to get the best measurement. If you are unsure - please get in touch!

Instructions on care for your collar will be included - but it really is as simple as rinsing these under a tap to keep them clean! If you would prefer our luxury leather collars please take a look here...

Matching leads are available on request. We recommend to always remove collars when your dog is unsupervised and alone.

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