Bridle Leather Dog Lead


A most luxurious item that you can cherish for many years - our bridle leather leads!  The lead is made with the highest quality British bridle leather, that has been cut, dyed, polished in house using traditional saddlers techniques - this will age and soften over time and develop a beautiful patina.  Choose from light London Tan or dark Havana brown.The leather is securely fixed to the trigger clip using metal rivets and the handle features a solid metal O ring. Customise your made-to-order lead with a size suitable for your dog and choose from brass or silver hardware.

These leads can be wiped clean of any mud and air dried. 

Small - 10mm width - lightweight trigger clip is used.
Medium - 20mm width - heavier trigger clip is used.
Large - 25mm width - heavier trigger clip is used.

The maximum length is the full length of the leather hide I have in stock - usually around 1.4m.  I can make a longer lead by joining two lengths.  Get in touch if you require a custom length.

Please use this product sensibly and be mindful of wear and tear - Bramble and Friends cannot be held liable for any misuse of this item.

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