Harris Tweed Collar Bowtie - Lovat Green Herringbone


Bramble and Friends brings you these super quality, Harris Tweed dog bow ties! Each bow is lovingly handmade using multiple layers of tweed to add a luxurious and robust feel. These bows are made to last and can easily be slipped onto any collar with the securely sewn elastic loop at the back. Larger bows come with two loops of elastic to keep the bow secure. 

All fabric is treated with a water and stain repellent to keep the worst of the muck off! 

The following sizes are available:

XS - 7 x 5cm - up to 5kg - toy dogs, yorkies, chihuahua's, pomeranian's 

S - 9 x 6cm - up to 8kg - boston terrier's, border terrier's, small spaniels, bichone frise', small frenchie's, jack russel's, italian greyhound's 

M - 12.5 x 7cm - springer spaniels, labs, collies, dalmations, staffy's, greyhounds 

L - 14 x 9cm - large/giant breeds - great danes, newfoundlands, saint bernards, american bull terrier

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FOR SAFETY - We recommend that you remove bow's from your dogs collar when they are unsupervised.