Pure Cotton Bespoke Harness - Unicorn Rainbow


A super simple, comfortable and strong harness made from 100% cotton and using the finest solid brass hardware - perfect every day walking gear!


Our 100% cotton harnesses are
- earth kind
- skin kind
- machine washable
- colour customisable

- fully adjustable at the shoulders, chest and belly!

These are the perfect match to our range of pure cotton rope leads and are an ideal alternative to synthetic harnesses that may rub.  Choose from a selection of colours, or create your own.  These harnesses will soften quickly with wear and make the ideal comfy daily wear collar for all your pups adventures!  They are slide adjustable at both shoulders, between the legs and around the chest. They are put on over the head and have one clip at the waist.  The shoulder straps form a 'V' at the base of the neck, so all pressure is removed from the wind pipe and neck, so safe even for dogs that love to pull!

They are made from soft woven pure cotton webbing, which is hand dyed in house and sewn using industrial strength polyester thread.  They feature welded solid brass hardware which is resistant to water, cold and rust.  These harnesses can be machine washed at 40 degrees celcius, inside a double pillow case to prevent machine damage by the hardware! Each harness features one of our handmade logo tags.

Choose from strap widths ranging from 15mm-30mm - we have the smallest and most powerful dogs covered.

15mm - very small dogs and puppies, maximum 5kg dog recommended!

20mm - small to medium dogs, up to 12kg suitability

25mm - small/medium/large dogs - up to 25kg recommended

30mm - medium/large dogs, any weight!

What size should you buy?   Use a soft tape and measure their neck at the level their collar would usually sit - measure tight to their fur.  Next measure around the widest point of their chest.  Add a note of these to your order.  If you would like to add any additional information such as your dog type/weight etc, it can help me make sure you get the perfect harness for your requirements.    If you are unsure, please get in touch.  As harnesses are made to custom size, they cannot be returned or exchanged.

There may be mild fading over time, but we use strong fixing dye techniques to minimise this as much as possible and in house washing tests resulted in no noticeable changes!

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