Traditional Leather Hound Collar - Lightweight and Strong


A traditional wide band sight hound collar, cut from a single piece of Italian leather and hand sewn for an extra strong yet super lightweight result.  The Italian leather is a gorgeous dark brown, skilfully cut, edged and polished for a luxury finish.  Choose from solid brass or nickel plated hardware. 

XXS - settings 18-24cm, total length 29cm, 15mm buckle, 40mm maximum width
XS - settings 22-28cm, total length 33cm, 15mm buckle, 45mm maximum width
S - settings 26-34cm, total length 39cm, 15mm buckle, 50mm maximum width
M - settings 32-40cm, total length 45cm, 20mm buckle, 60mm maximum width

This listing is for a lightweight style collar using leather 2-3mm thick, so suitable for smaller hounds or as tag collars for larger dogs.  More heavyweight, robust collars can be made from thicker bridle leather on request -  if you have any custom size requests, please get in touch!

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